Eureka Playground: a symbol of community spirit

In 1995, the community and Denton Parks and Rec came together to build the original Eureka playground in South Lakes Park. 

Built to last 20 years, Eureka was a special place in Denton.


This wasn’t just any playground. This was a playground that invited laughter and joy and was a lasting symbol of community spirit.


"There were over 3,000 individuals that sign in over the eight day period that it took to build this playground.

We had to literally turn the lights off to get people to go home"


Massive Community Effort

The original Eureka playground was a massive community effort. Thousands of volunteers and generous donations helped bring the playground to life. But the volunteers didn’t just build the playground, they came together as a community. That community would be called upon again as Eureka matured.

Playground Standards

After 20 years, Eureka’s maintenance expenses had significantly increased and safety standards became a concern. By 2015, the playground did not meet the newer standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the American Society for Testing and Materials.


Additionally, there had been advances in playground design, and newer playgrounds had equipment that made them accessible to children of all needs.

Saying Good-Bye

As the original materials began to weaken, it came time to say good-bye to the beloved Eureka playground.


In March 2015, Hundreds of people, adults and children alike, came out one last time ton thank Eureka for the memories. In the crowd, parents and grandparents swapped stories of bringing children to Eureka or even climbing its castle-like towers themselves.

Not the End of Eureka

But, this was not going to be the end of Eureka. The Denton community, that same community of generous volunteers that had built the original playground, had been working hard on a new project.


As the bulldozers prepared to bring down Eureka, Denton Parks and Rec and Denton Parks Foundation were ready to announce that Eureka 2 was on its way!

2016 © Eureka 2 Volunteers and PARD; all rights reserved.

The Eureka 2 Project was a community and volunteer driven playground build supported by Denton Parks and Rec and Denton Parks Foundation.